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For Immediate Release
September 15, 2003

Media Contact: Joanne Ninomiya
Chance Gusukuma
(808) 845-8567
JN Productions, Inc.

Volume 5 of Kikaida DVD Released by Hawaii Company

HONOLULU—The fifth volume of the nine-volume Kikaida DVD series hits store shelves on Tuesday, September 23, just in time for the latest "Kikaidamania" stage show.

"We're up to Volume 5, and fans keep asking for more," said Joanne Ninomiya, JN Productions owner and president. "We try our best to keep up with demand and are grateful that sales have been so consistent." "We have this steady customer base, which is made up of 'Generation Kikaida' members and their children," Ninomiya said.

Volume 5 of the Kikaida DVD will include Episodes #21-through-25 of the original 43-episode series that first aired in Japan from 1972-1973 and in Hawaii on KIKU-TV beginning in 1974. Kikaida's fervent fans will be able to watch the exploits of their favorite super-powered android as he battles yet another wave of DARK Destructoid monsters: Purple Rat, White Saw Shark, the Yellow Antlion Brothers, Pink Armadillo, and Orange Snail. The total running time of the five episodes on Volume 5 is two hours and five minutes.

In addition to the action-packed episodes, the disc features Part 2 of a special feature interview with Ban Daisuke (Jiro in the Kikaida series). Ban-san comments on the reported rivalry between himself and fellow Japanese action star Miyauchi Hiroshi and praises the catchy Kikaida soundtrack. In one section, Ban describes how the show's production staff often called on stunt actors or relatives of cast members to appear on camera as extras. The segment includes clips from the series illustrating Ban's points, in one section employing an amusing "pop-up" video style.

Fans of Japanese pop culture will delight in another set of Kikaida factoids, which delve into arcane behind-the-scenes production notes, point out cameos by Japanese actors, and point out bloopers that made their way into the series. The factoids themselves were compiled by a Kikaida fan and expert, Mr. August Ragone, a resident of San Francisco who grew up watching Kikaida on KEMO-TV in the Bay Area during the early 1970s.

Other special features on the DVD include cast and crew profiles and DARK Destructoid monster profiles with sound effects.

In addition to boasting digitally remastered picture and sound, the Kikaida episodes are fully subtitled in English and feature bilingual English and Japanese menus to help Kikaida fans navigate through the disc.

A galaxy of characters and stars from the Kikaida series will headline the Kikaida Brothers: Live! stage show coming to Hawaii on Sunday, September 28 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center in Waipio on the island of Oahu. Kikaida, Kikaida 01, Hakaida, Bijinda, and Waruda will appear along with lead actors Ban Daisuke and Ikeda Shunsuke. For more information, call 808-845-8567 or go to

The Kikaida DVD is distributed exclusively by The Mountain Apple Company and is available in Hawaii at Bestsellers, Blockbuster, Borders, Costco, Daiei, Longs, Musicland, Sam Goody, Sam's Club, Shirokiya, Tower, Toys n' Joys, Wal-Mart, and through the official Generation Kikaida website (

Classic episodes from the Kikaida 01 series air Monday through Friday, 5:30-6 pm on KIKU-TV (Oceanic 9/Digital 89, UHF 20, Craig TV 10), with the finale airing on Saturday, September 27 at 7 pm

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