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For Immediate Release
June 28, 2004

Media Contact: Joanne Ninomiya
Chance Gusukuma
(808) 845-8567
JN Productions, Inc.

Kikaida vs. Hakaida!: Kikaida DVD, Volume 8

HONOLULU— He was a bad dude (cyborg, actually). He wanted to knock off Kikaida. He wore black leather and a yellow scarf, for Pete’s sakes! But admit it. Hakaida was kind of cool.

Hakaida, Kikaida’s archenemy, makes his long-awaited debut in the upcoming eighth volume of the nine-volume Kikaida DVD series on Tuesday, July 13.

The stock Kikaida storyline flies out the window with the emergence of Hakaida in all his kitschy coolness. Along with the usual procession of outlandish DARK Destructoid monsters, Kikaida suddenly must deal with this formidable foe committed to his destruction.

“I know Kikaida fans have all been waiting for the appearance of Hakaida,” said Joanne Ninomiya, JN Productions owner and president. “To this day, even in Japan, Hakaida, the cool bad guy, reigns as one of the favorite of all Toei’s tokusatsu (special effects genre) heroes.”

The Kikaida series first aired in Japan from 1972-1973 and then debuted in Hawaii in February 1974 on the original KIKU-TV. The show became a hit with kids, transforming Kikaida into a pop icon and retail winner. The series proved its enduring appeal with a revival that began when Ninomiya brought it back to Hawaii television in November 2001.

Volume 8 of the Kikaida DVD includes Episodes 36-through-40 of the original 43-episode series.

In addition to the action-packed Kikaida episodes, the disc includes entertaining special features sure to please fans of the show: Hakaida karaoke, an interactive Kikaida Power Diagram allowing viewers to explore the inner workings of their favorite superpowered android, and an “Origins of Kikaida” piece detailing everything you ever wanted to know about how the Kikaida series came to being.

Other special features on the DVD include behind-the-scenes Kikaida factoids, cast and crew profiles, and DARK Destructoid monster profiles with sound effects.

In addition to boasting digitally remastered picture and sound, the Kikaida DVDs feature bilingual English and Japanese menus. The five episodes are fully subtitled in English, and even boast a family-friendly, “expletives-deleted” subtitle selection option. The total running time of the five Kikaida episodes is two hours and five minutes.

The Kikaida DVD is distributed exclusively by The Mountain Apple Company and is available wherever DVDs are sold and through the official Generation Kikaida website (

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