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Kamen Rider V3 Returns!


For Immediate Release
April 25, 2006

Media Contact: Joanne Ninomiya
(808) 845-8567
JN Productions, Inc.

Kamen Rider V3 Returns!

JN Productions, Generation Kikaida and Shirokiya welcome the return of Kamen Rider V3 and its star Miyauchi Hiroshi on Sunday, May 21 2006, from 2:00-3:30 pm at Shirokiya Ala Moana. An all-local cast of Kamen Rider V3 and Kikaida characters, along with Japan stars Miyauchi Hiroshi and Ban Daisuke will help celebrate the Maui Matsuri sponsored by the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui on May 20, and make an appearance the following day at Shirokiya.

Kamen Rider V3's Miyauchi and Kikaida's Ban will meet and greet fans as well as be available for autographs. Children and their families will be entertained on stage with karaoke, games and sing-alongs. Super hero gifts and balloons will be offered free, while supplies last. There will also be picture-taking with Kamen Rider V3, Kikaida, Hakaida and favorite android monsters. No purchases are necessary to participate in any of these events.

The "Kamen RiderV3" series first aired in Japan from 1973—1974. The show was the second installment of Tokyo-based Toei Company's hit "Kamen Rider" live-action superhero series. "V3" debuted in Hawaii in 1975 on the original KIKU-TV. With the success of "Kikaida," then KIKU TV general manager, Joanne Ninomiya decided to ride the wave of popularity with Japanese super heroes, and placed her bets on "Kamen Rider V3" to be another hit series. "V3" is geared toward hardcore live-action enthusiasts, while "Kikaida" is a gentler hero for a mainstream audience. The V3 DVD Boxset produced by JN Proudctions was released in fall, 2005, and has garnered rave reviews from major publications and tokusatsu/anime websites in the U.S.

Another 'first' for Hawaii audiences was the appearance of Japan's two top tokusatsu stars of the 70's Miyauchi Hiroshi and Ban Daisuke, in fall, 2004 when Generation Kikaida celebrated 30 years of Japanese Superheroes in Hawaii. It rarely happens, even in Japan when these two icons are seen on the same stage. Miyauchi has starred in "Kamen Rider V3" and "Kaiketsu Zubatto," while Ban had leading roles in "Kikaida," "Inazuman," and "Ninja Captor."

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