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Posted by Joanne Ninomiya on

I am overwhelmed by your response to our last Tribute to Kikaida.
Thank you for being fans for nearly 50 years!
The event at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii on January 15, 2023 was a great success.
My only regret is that we were not able to accommodate everyone who stood in lines for the Ballroom appearance and Ban’s autograph.
I want to give a big shoutout to the volunteers who helped us out since 2002 when Kikaida was revived on local TV. While a few of us basked in glory on stage, there are at least 5 more heroes behind each of us doing countless tasks in setting up the store, taking inventory of goods, contacting guest performers, making sure that all goes well for the event. It feels so good to be surrounded by people ‘who want to be there,’ and things get done with a nod of the head and eye contact. This is what being a fan and friend of Kikaida are all about.
Ban Daisuke sends his best regards too, and being a hero in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience for him.
Thank you, Kikaida fans, and remember KIKAIDA FOREVER!
Joanne Ninomiya
Generation Kikaida