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Kikaida 01 Collector's Edition DVD Box Set

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Watch Japan's first female action star, Shihomi Etsuko (Mari/Bijinda) kick some robot butt in the Kikaida 01 DVD Box Set! 



All 46 electrifying episodes of this supercharged sequel to the extremely popular KIKAIDA series, are packaged together in this mind-blowing six-disc box set – digitally remastered, completely uncut, and fully subtitled in English – for the first time anywhere on Region 1 DVD!

KIKAIDA 01 features the exciting exploits of the android Ichiro (Ikeda Shunsuke), who transforms into Kikaida 01 to stop the evil Hakaida Force from obtaining a secret that will allow them to conquer the world – until the sinister SHADOW organization rises to threaten them all! Aided by his younger brother Jiro-Kikaida (Ban Daisuke), Kikaida 01 hurtles into battle after battle against the murderous robot monsters that threaten mankind.

Produced in 1973 by Toei Studios (SISTER STREET FIGHTER) and the hit-making team of creative producer Hirayama Tohru (JOHNNY SOKKO) and manga author Ishinomori Shotaro (CYBORG 009), KIKAIDA 01 explodes with non-stop stunts by Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club (SHADOW WARRIORS) and an exciting score by Chumei Watanabe (JIGOKU). Don’t miss this limited-edition release of Toei’s superhero classic!

From JN Productions, Inc., producers of the "Kikaida" and "Kamen Rider V3" DVDs. Be sure to add "Kikaida 01" to your collection today!  


     Ikeda Shunksuke-Ichiro/Kikaida 01

     Ban Daisuke-Jiro/Kikaida

     Shihomi Etsuko-Mari/Bijinda


  • The Complete 46-Episode Series
  • Fully Subtitled in English
    (with Expletives Deleted Subtitle Option)
  • Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound

Loaded with Special Features

  • Exclusive Interview with Ikeda Shunsuke (Ichiro) and Ban Daisuke (Jiro)
  • Kikaida Memories Interview with Joanne Ninomiya
  • Karaoke and Music Videos
  • Behind-the-Scenes Episode Factoids
  • Kikaida 01 Interactive 3D Model
  • How to Draw Kikaida 01
  • Kikaida 01 Trivia Quiz
  • "What is Kikaida 01?" Essay
  • Character Profiles with Sound
  • Cast and Staff List
  • Episode Selection
  • Motion Menus
  • And More!

"(Kikaida 01) is another great series full of colorful villains, big fights, and flashy henshin action." 
- John Sinnott 

"If you like your superheroes colorful and action-packed, neither KIKAIDA nor KIKAIDA 01 will let you down!"
- Bob Johnson

The Kikaida 01 DVD Box Set is Region Code 1
NTSC 4:3 
Japanese with English Subtitles
Not Rated
Feature Running Time: Approx. 18 Hours, 55 Minutes