Kikaider Reboot DVD Special Edition

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The Kikaider Reboot DVD


In order to handle the crises of a modern world, the Japanese government creates the ARK Project which utilizes sophisticated robots to solve problems that mortals simply can’t. The project’s lead scientist, Dr. Komyoji, creates a prototype android (Jiro) to peacefully assist humans. However, rival scientist Gilbert Kanzaki has other, darker plans. Mitsuko and Masaru, Komyoji’s children, become targets after his unexpected death, prompting a super android (Kikaider) with a humanistic soul to come to their aid. Kanzaki then creates his ultimate vision, a powerful cyborg (Hakaider) destined to rule a world of ruin and chaos!

Kikaider Reboot will be available only on DVD.  There are no plans to release a Blu-Ray version.

The Kikaider Reboot DVD is not for sale outside of North America (United States and Canada).  Unfortunately, orders received for this DVD with a billing or shipping address outside of North America cannot be fulfilled.  


Generation Kikaida / JN Productions, Inc. (Hawaii) 
DVD Region Code 1
Japanese with English subtitles

Not rated



110 minutes

For sale in North America only.
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