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As soon as Joanne Ninomiya, then the general manager of Japanese-language station KIKU-TV, saw Kikaida for the first time, she started negotiating to bring the series to Hawaii. "I watched it on one of my trips there, and knew immediately, 'This is the one,'" Ninomiya said. "It was cute, had a story-line, and clearly a 'good versus evil' theme—perfect for Hawaii," she added. Kikaida debuted on the "old" KIKU in February 1974, and by the summer of that year, it was clear that the program was a smash-hit. Local stores sold thousands of Kikaida dolls, t-shirts, and LP records. A Kikaida stage show at Hawaii's 50th State Fair—then staged at Sand Island on Oahu—attracted hordes of Island kids with parents in tow. Later stage shows played to frenzied capacity audiences at the Honolulu International Center (since renamed Blaisdell Center).

Kikaida took on a new life in 2001 when Ninomiya brought it back on the air on the "new" KIKU, introducing the classic to a new generation of kids in Hawaii. Initially, die-hard fans kept asking Ninomiya to bring it back on television, and they formed the core of what would become known as Generation Kikaida -- Kikaida otaku who knew every episode, every move and every Destructoid by heart. The internet lit up with lively discussions about each episode and story plot. In no time, watching Kikaida became a family affair with two, even three generations watching the hero battle evil. Inexplicably, children are fascinated by the red and blue robot, so gentle yet so strong, always on the side of justice and right.

Fast forward to today "Change, switch on, 1...2...3!" Kikaida continues the endear a new generation of kids to the saga of the android via DVD.