Kamen Rider V3 - Episode Guide

Kamen Rider V3 - Episode Guide
by August Ragone (Henshin! Online) with Roy Mashima

Episode 01 - Rider No. 3: His Name Is V3!
The hard-won peace obtained with the defeat of Gel-Shocker by Kamen Riders One and Two, is now shattered by a more powerful secret society known as Destron. Disposing of all those who witness their sinister movements, they target Kazami Shiro, a young motorcross racer. After Scissors-Jaguar murders his family, Shiro vows vengeance and becomes Kamen Rider V3.

Episode 2 - Last Testament of the Double Riders
Destron's Scissors-Jaguar separates V3 from the Double Riders to allow Turtle-Bazooka to vaporize Tokyo with the H-Bomb contained inside his body. Scissors-Jaguar decoys Kazami Shiro and keeps him away from Turtle-Bazooka. Can V3 warn Rider One and Two in time? Will V3 and the Double Riders stop the mutants before Tokyo is wiped off of the map?

Episode 3 - The Execution of V3
TV-Fly takes over a suburban hospital in order to create a new mutant specifically designed to defeat Kamen Rider V3. The new creature, Squid-Fire, manages to disrupt V3's power source and scores a victory for Destron. The mutant seals Kazami Shiro in a coffin, which is placed in a furnace! Can Shiro discover the extent of his powers in time to escape his own execution?

Episode 4 - V3's 26 Secrets?!
Hypnotizing Tachibana Tobei, TV-Fly orders him to kill Kazami Shiro, while Tama Junko also falls into his trap. Can Shiro stop Destron's evil plan? Will V3 unlock the secret of his 26 hidden techniques, in order to rescue his comrades and defeat Destron's mutants?

Episode 5 - Snake-man with a Machinegun!
An eminent biologist, Dr. Murayama, discovers a new clean energy source, and Destron's Machinegun-Snake is sent to seize the data. Failing to grab the doctor, he kidnaps assistant Nishizaki Michiko. When she refuses to talk, Machinegun-Snake targets Tsutomu, her son. Kazami Shiro is injured by the mutant! Can V3 protect Tsutomu, his friend Mamoru, and rescue his mother?

Episode 6 - Enter, Hammer-Jellyfish! V3, Unleash Your Killing Technique!!
Mamoru clings to life in a hospital, while his sister blames Kazami Shiro and betrays him to Destron. Hammer-Jellyfish continues the interrogation of Nishizaki and resorts to forcing the information out of her by dangling Tsutomu off of a high-rise. Will Nishizaki give in to Hammer-Jellyfish for her son's life? Can V3 defeat the powerful mutant and save them?

Episode 7 - The Fury of Rider V3's Special Training
Destron blows up the research facility of Professor Kawai, in order to secure his artificial heart technology in order to strengthen their mutants. Kawai's subject comes back to life, and as Knife-Armadillo, stalks the professor for revenge. The resilient mutant even repels V3 in battle! To improve his strength, will V3 survive the harsh rigors of his own brutal training session?

Episode 8 - Watch Out, V3! Beware the Terrifying Buzzsaw
While Kazami Shiro recovers in a hospital, the Rider Scouts search for Destron's outpost, while Buzzsaw-Lizard tries to persuade Kawai to resuscitate Knife-Armadillo, under pain of death. Refusing, he now must witness the execution of his family. Captured by Destron, Shiro hangs over a pool of acid! Can he escape their trap and transform into V3?

Episode 9 - What Is Destron's Hell Squad?!
Kazami Shiro's rival, Yoshioka Masaru, and other top racers in the All Japan Motorcross Championship, are captured by Destron's Lens-Ant. He transforms them into the Destron Hell Squad in order to rob a convoy carrying a nuclear-powered satellite. The mutant also captures Junko and Shigeru! Will Shiro save his friends? Can V3 defeat not one, but two mutants, single-handedly?

Episode 10 - Secret of the Double Typhoon
Destron's Razor-Starfish teams up with Lens-Ant to attack V3, and they send the Hell Squad to steal a shipment of nuclear satellite fuel. Meanwhile, Tachibana Tobei and the Rider Scouts are captured while searching for Junko and Shigeru. Can Kazami Shiro find the antidote for the Hell Squad, rescue his friends from certain death, and take on both mutant cyborgs?

Episode 11 - The Claws of Evil Reach Out for V3!!
Destron forces Marine biologist Dr. Nakatani to create a powerful aquatic mutant, Pickaxe-Shark. The doctor escapes, but his creation is sent to kill him. Meanwhile, a chinpira exposes Kazami Shiro's secret identity to Junko, but is captured and transformed into Drill-Mole. As V3 battles Pickaxe-Shark in the open sea, Drill-Mole abducts Junko to force her into an unholy union!

Episode 12 - Junko Becomes a Mutant's Bride?!
Destron's Pickaxe-Shark proves a formidable foe to V3, who suffers defeat at the claws of the mutant. Meanwhile, Junko is prepared for an unholy union with Drill-Mole... Can Kazami Shiro recover in time to defeat Pickaxe-Shark and rescue Junko from a fate worse than death — while guarding his secret identity?

Episode 13 - Terrifying Commandant: Doktor G?!
A couple hikes into the mountains to research the secret of the legendary Boar-Man, but only the woman returns. Suspecting Destron, Kazami Shiro goes to the hospital, only to have the missing man reappear — a disguise for Magnet-Boar, who aims to destroy Japan's national railway system. After an intense fight, Shiro discovers that he cannot transform into V3! But, this was simply a ruse to allow the sinister Doktor G safe passage into Japan...

Episode 14 - Secret Memento of the Double Riders
Toad-Boiler attacks Interpol agent George Kamamoto, who is trying to pass on a coded document from Riders One and Two to Kazami Shiro. V3 saves Kamamoto, and then heads for Chichibu, as directed by the document. Toad-Boiler implores him to transform into V3, and then sprays him with a white fluid — a substance that drains V3's energy! Can V3 survive and obtain the secret left behind by the Double Riders?

Episode 15 - Rider V3's Deadly Weakness
The daughter of Dr. Okajima, an atomic physicist who escaped the clutches of Destron with the help of the Double Riders, saves the badly injured Kazami Shiro from the basin of a waterfall. She is then stalked by Burner-Bat, who is looking for V3. With the help of Dr. Okajima, Shiro is able to find the memento from the Double Riders, which holds the secret to V3's four weaknesses. What are they?

Episode 16 - The Missile-carrying Gecko Mutant!
Rider Scout Saburo and his father save a hapless fisherman, whom witnessed mutant Missile-Gecko in action. V3 fights off Missile-Gecko, but meanwhile, Destron snatches Saburo and his father. When Saburo discovers Destron's plot to destroy the petroleum complex, will he be able to contact Rider Scout HQ? Can V3 save Japan from plunging into total chaos?

Episode 17 - The Devilspray Is the Reaper's Weapon
The fearsome Spray-Rat takes on the likeness of a priest and finds a young couple to use as guinea pigs for his Devilspray virus. He offers to marry them, but only allows one witness — Tama Junko. Kazami Shiro arrives in the nick of time, but cannot prevent the groom from being infected. While rescuing the bride, V3 is trapped in a church with a ticking time bomb! Can V3 escape deadly doom?

Episode 18 - V3, Beware the Evil Traitor!
Kusarigama-Beetle captures Kazami Shiro and takes him to Destron's outpost. While Doktor G is torturing Shiro he breaks free and seizes the files for the Devilspray antidote — only to discover that it is a fake! V3 is ambushed by the Destron mutants, and in the heat of battle Spray-Rat attacks Kusarigama-Beetle. The injured mutant decides to betray Destron and help Shiro retrieve the antidote for the Devilspray. But, is V3 being lead into a trap?

Episode 19 - Blowfish-Apache's Operation: Torpedo!!
Kazami Shiro rushes to Tatsunoko Point where Destron has been sinking passing ships, in a bid to seize control of the seas. After encountering Blowfish-Apache's torpedoes, Shiro discovers slaves working in a secret weapons factory. With the help of Tachibana Tobei, Shiro is able to penetrate the Destron outpost, but they are led into a deadly trap, and sunk to the bottom of the sea! Can V3 save Tachibana and stop Destron?

Episode 20 - Operation: Destron Shikoku Conquest
Destron uses the SS Device flown in from their South American base, in an attempt to conquer the island of Shikoku. Fukazawa, a scientist forced to work for Destron, manages to escape with the schematic. When Kazami Shiro receives word, he heads immediately for Shikoku via ship, but is attacked by Guillotine-Saurus. Can V3 break through and save Shikoku from Destron's grip?

Episode 21 - The Double Riders Live
V3 is saved by the voices of the Double Riders coming from a special medallion. In Shikoku, Kazami Shiro disguises himself as a Destron sympathizer to repair the SS Device. Meanwhile, Fukazawa, Tachibana Tobei and Tama Junko fall under the control of Syringe-Spider! Can V3 stop Doktor G's conquest plans and find the antidote to save his friends from the clutches of Destron?

Episode 22 - Camp of Terror: Mystery of the Underground Canal!
The Rider Scouts are at training camp on Hatsushima Island, where mutant Speargun-Sea Lion has established an undersea outpost to manufacture poison gas. Destron plans to transport the chemical weapon via an underground canal to Mt. Fuji, where the winds will spread the gas over hundreds of miles. Kazami Shiro orders the scouts to evacuate, but they refuse when they realize one of them is missing. Can V3 stop Destron in time?

Episode 23 - Terror! Vampire from the Graveyard
Propeller-Beetle begins kidnapping young people — the males are reconstructed into Destron Soldiers, while the blood of the females satisfies his energy source. When the monster hears the voice of the sister of Kazami Shiro's friend Kuroda Kyosuke, he retreats. When she discovers that her brother is really Propeller-Beetle, Doktor G orders the mutant to drink her blood. Kazami enters the Destron outpost when Junko is captured. Can V3 save them?

Episode 24 - Mysterious! Cockroach Manor!!
In order to wage germ warfare on Japan, Destron takes over the Osato Biological Institute and tortures the head scientist, to pillage his research. Meanwhile Rider Scout Yoshio notices that young women go into the institute but don't come out. So he snoops around to check things out, but is captured by Cockroach-Spike. Junko goes in to rescue him posing as a housekeeper, but is also caught spying. Can V3 thwart Destron's plot?

Episode 25 - Mysterious!! The Destron Ranger Corps
Rumors circulate of savage ape-men in the Omi Mountains, but this is a cover for training Destron's Ranger Squad units. In order to keep this secret Mantis-Merang kills anyone who approaches the area. V3 saves Rider Scout Kenji and his older brother from certain death, but the Destron Rangers soon surround them. Meanwhile, the 2nd Unit of the Destron Rangers starts tainting Tokyo's water supply with the deadly Mummification Virus…

Episode 26 - Mutant Heater-Cicada's Operation: Mummy!!
With the Mummification Virus in Tokyo's water supply, Destron plans to turn 10 million people into mummies, using Heater-Cicada's chirp to drive victims to drink the tainted water. Kazami Shiro discovers that Professor Taguchi is the only person who can create an antidote and saves his daughter while trying to rescue Junko. But is the professor's daughter really who she says she is? Has Shiro fallen into a trap?

Episode 27 - Zol, Death, Hell & Black Rise from the Grave
Rider Scout Shotaro has discovered Shocker mutants entombed in a lakeside cave. When he arrives, the mutants are gone, but Kazami Shiro is ambushed by Destron's powerful Quoit-Beetle. Destron plots to destroy the whole of Japan by resurrecting former Shocker Commandants Colonel Zol, Doctor Death, Ambassador Hell and General Black, using a newly developed toxic gas called Girard Gamma. Suddenly, V3 is attacked by the revived Shocker mutants, led by Quit-Beetle!

Episode 28 - The Five Commandants' All-Out Attack!!
Trapped by the five commandants Kazami Shiro falls into an unbreakable cell. Tachibana Tobei, in a bid to rescue Shiro, poses as a scientist who has developed an antidote to the nerve gas, and is abducted. Meanwhile, Shiro turns the table on Ambassador Hell and takes him hostage in order to escape. But, he must infiltrate the outpost once more in to rescue Tachibana and Junko. Can V3 save Japan, as well as his friends, from certain death?

Episode 29 - Doktor G's Final Challenge!
Held responsible for the death of the Shocker Commandants, Doktor G creates Camera-Mosquito, who steals people's faces in a last-ditch effort to take control of Japan. Meanwhile, Destron Hunter Sakuma Ken steals microfilm containing Destron secrets and becomes the target of Camera-Mosquito. Kazami Shiro saves Sakuma and takes the microfilm to Professor Tadokoro for decoding, but Camera-Mosquito has already stolen his face… Can V3 prevail?

Episode 30 - Doktor G! The True Form of Evil Is…?
The Destron Hunters discover that the microfilm gives the location of a manufacturing plant where Destron creates their mutants. While they succeed in sabotaging the plant, Doktor G arrives to exterminate them, except for Sakuma Ken, who is saved by V3. Doktor G implores the Great Leader to allow him to destroy V3 personally, and transforms into Crab-Laser. Will this be the end of Destron… or Kamen Rider V3?

Episode 31 - Enter, Baron Tusk: Commandant of Curses!!
The Great Leader summons Baron Fang, the great Doovoo shaman of the Tusk Tribe from the upper reaches of the Congo River, to become commandant of Destron Japan. His mutant Skull-Warthog uses his tusks to dissolve human flesh from their bones. In order to lure Kazami Shiro to his doom, Skull-Warthog possesses the body of Rider Scout Toshiko's father and kidnaps her mother. Shiro and Sakuma Ken come to her aide, but are soon surrounded by the villagers who fall under the sway of the Devil's Drums…

Episode 32 - Specter of Onibi Swamp: Rider Scouts Annihilated!?
Given the task of destroying the Rider Scouts, Fireball-Walrus possesses Tachibana Tobei's old friend Ito, the manager of the mountain villa where the scouts go on retreat. When Junko discovers his true identity, she is also marked for death. When they are attacked, V3 comes to the rescue, but not only must he fight Fireball-Walrus, but he also comes face to face with Baron Fang. Who will triumph?

Episode 33 - V3 in Danger! Riders One and Two Return!!
Dr. Samukawa and his daughter Yumiko are put under pain of death by Snow-Wolf to assist Destron to pervert his scientific discovery. Baron Fang places a lycanthropic curse on Yumiko, which transforms her into a werewolf if they do not obey his will. She drugs Junko, Shigeru and Tachibana who are taken prisoner, while Snow-Wolf defeats Kazami Shiro. Frozen in an ice chamber Shiro is unable to transform into V3… who will save them?

Episode 34 - Critical Moment! Baron Tusk vs. the Three Riders!!
Baron Fang resurrects Smilodon the sorceress and ancient mother of the Tusk Tribe in order to destroy the Kamen Riders. Taking on the name Ayanokoji she delivers a voodoo doll that poisons Hongo Takeshi who is taken to a hospital. When Kazami Shiro rushes to the scene she attacks him as Primordial-Tiger, who manages to subdue V3 and locks him up with Hongo. She then targets Ichimonji Hayato… can Hayato free his comrades and best Smilodon?

Episode 35 - Baron Tusk's Final Transformation
A Destron fugitive calls Rider Scouts HQ to reveal a sinister plot, but the line goes dead. Discovering a locker key at the scene, Kazami Shiro is ambushed by Bloodthirsty-Mammoth, but escapes. Shiro retrieves photographs of three members of parliament whom Baron Fang plans to brainwash in order to conquer Japan. So he disguises himself as one of the men and is taken to Destron's outpost. Can V3 stop Baron Fang's diabolical plot?

Episode 36 - The Winged Corps: Demons of the Sky
Destron summons Archbishop Wing and his clan from Tibet to take over where Baron Fang failed. Soon afterwards a strange Buddhist monk claims that evil spirits reside in the homes of the president of an industrial factory and the director of an atomic research facility – the evil spirits turn out to be mutant Flame-Condor. When V3 is injured in battle, Tachibana Tobei helps him to train against the airborne menace. Can V3 overcome the odds?

Episode 37 - Mysterious Temple: Curse of the Musasabi Clan!
Archbishop Wing's Dryad-Flying Squirrel is able to turn a red fluid that he secretes from his claws, into a deadly gas that transforms humans into flying squirrel carcasses. His plan is to spread the gas far and wide in a violent eruption of Mt. Daisetsu. The mutant plans to use V3 to set off the explosives by kidnapping Shigeru, his cousin, and his grandfather. Will V3 trip the explosives or will he outwit Destron?

Episode 38 - Lone V3 and Cub: Deadly Skydiving!
Mutant Poison-Mothla kills two power company workers who discover electricity being re-routed. Meanwhile, Destron captures the father of a young boy, Tsuyoshi, who stumbled upon their outpost. Kazami Shiro arrives to investigate the siphoned power, and finds the boy all alone. Trapped in the valley by Destron, V3 fights Poison-Mothla, but cannot defeat him. Can V3 find the creature's weakness and reunite father and son?

Episode 39 - Terror of the Carnivorous Fauna: Plantaingan!!
Archbishop Wing plans to use the poison of the inhuman Plantaingan, combined with 30,000 volts of electricity, to create miniaturized people preserved for use in creating cyborgs. The mutant kidnaps a young boy's sister and Kazami Shiro must fight in order to save her. Plantaingan attacks Rider Scouts HQ to liquidate a captured Destron Soldier and threatens Tachibana Tobei and Company. Can V3 liberate them from the tendrils of death?

Episode 40 - Sudden Death! V3 Mach Kick!!
Destron mutant Deadman-Bat, employing a virus called the Himalayan Devil, turns the residents of apartment complexes in all the major cities into vampire slaves. When Rider Scout Kiyoshi discovers his older brother is one of the victims, he and Shigeru are attacked by the mutant. V3 challenges Deadman-Bat, but is tossed from the air and Kiyoshi is injured. Can V3 develop a new technique in order to defeat the true form of Archbishop Wing?

Episode 41 - Oh! People are Melting! Enter, Marshal Armor
Summoned from Mongolia, Marshal Armor becomes the new commandant of Destron Japan and employs Nazi transplant technology to create the invulnerable Pumadillon. Marshal Armor releases a slave named Yamashita to contact Kazami Shiro to lure him into a trap. Kazami's old friend Takagi Yusuke work together to protect Yamashita and his family, but something is very wrong — Takagi begins to praise working for Destron…

Episode 42 - The Snail-man's Human Experiments!
Marshal Armor's Snailbura implants its sinister eggs into the residents of an apartment complex. These incubate in the victims' bloodstream developing into larvae to enslave them. Snailbura's first experiment is ordered to kill Kazami Shiro, but dies before she can complete her mission. Her sister Misako accuses Shiro of murder and Snailbura promises to give her the power to avenge her sibling's death…

Episode 43 - Friend or Foe? The Mysterious Riderman
Ambitious Destron scientist Yuki Joji is condemned to death by Marshal Armor, who sees him as a threat to his position in the organization. Slowly Yuki is lowered into a pool of sulfuric acid, losing his right arm before being rescued by his fellow scientists, who make a daring escape. Hidden away, Katagiri contacts his sister, who is a nurse, to assist in Yuki's cybernetic operation. But Destron is watching and sends Sickleneck-Tortoise to kill them…

Episode 44 - V3 Versus Riderman
V3 saves Riderman from Sickleneck-Tortoise's nerve gas in the nick of time. Regardless Riderman doesn't want to listen to V3's words against Destron – he only seeks revenge against Marshal Armor. Meanwhile, Marshal Armor begins his plan to spread the nerve gas and begins killing innocents throughout Tokyo, and while Kazami Shiro investigates with Yuki Joji right on his tail, Sickleneck-Tortoise stalks them both…

Episode 45 - Destron's Christmas Present
Marshal Armor sends mutant Rhino-Tank, disguised as Santa Claus, to lure children into the House of Good Fortune, in order to train them as future Destron commandants. Yuki Joji finds this disturbing and "Black Santa" offers to release the children if Joji will defeat V3. In order to save the children, he decides to fight V3 with Rhino-Tank. After the Mach Kick and the Hurricane Dash fail to faze the mutant, an industrial bulldozer slowly crushes V3…

Episode 46 - Riderman, Where Will You Go?
Pinned against a cliff by a bulldozer V3 uses his Reverse Double Typhoon to save himself and infiltrates the Destron outpost. He saves Yuki Joji who was trapped in an execution chamber, but Destron mercilessly pummels V3, who was injured in his battle with Rhino-Tank. Yuki finally sees Destron's cruelty, but will he rescue V3 or the kidnapped children? Which way will Riderman go…?

Episode 47 - Ambush! The Destron Leader!!
A New Year's card from Marshal Armor arrives for Yuki Joji, so he and Kazami Shiro investigate the return address. When they split up and enter the manor, Coelacanth-Kid attacks V3 and Riderman falls into Marshal Armor's hands. The mutant takes on Joji's form, becoming "Destron Riderman" in order to wipe out Shiro and the Rider Scouts. Shiro is tricked by the fake Joji and is thrown off of a cliff! Then the evil imposter makes his way to Rider Scouts HQ…

Episode 48 - Look! The Face of the Destron Leader!!
The Great Leader, overlord of Destron, arrives in Japan. When V3 and Riderman go after him, they fall into a trap. Meanwhile, Destron mutant Thorned-Starfish puts into action his plan to annihilate Tokyo. In the grip of suffocation, V3 and Riderman are saved when Tachibana Tobei comes to their aid. V3 and Riderman fight Thorned-Starfish, but when V3 turns to take on the Destron Leader, Riderman suddenly takes a stand to defend him…

Episode 49 - A Gunshot Rings Out! Kazami Shiro Falls!!
Destron mutant Chameleon shoots Yuki Joji, but Kazami Shiro takes the bullet. Soon Shiro becomes unable to control his strength and becomes a menace. Meanwhile, Chameleon's human form uses a naive country girl to ensnare the vulnerable Shiro. In order to remove the Vatal Bullet from Shiro's skull, they must infiltrate Destron's Tokyo outpost. But, Marshal Armor and Chameleon are waiting to welcome them…

Episode 50 - A Little Friendship
Mutant Chameleon is resurrected as Vampire-Chameleon and Marshal Armor sends him on a mission to collect the blood of innocent children. Kazami Shiro befriends young Kenichi, who is despondent because he believes that he has seen a mutant. When Vampire-Chameleon attacks Kenichi's grammar school, Shiro and Joji find themselves in a dilemma, when they face a horde of vampire children they cannot kill…

Episode 51 - You Are Kamen Rider 4!!
Marshal Armor has developed a powerful Pluton Rocket that is more powerful than the H-Bomb and the Great Leader orders that it be aimed at Tokyo. Shiro and Joji become suspicious when a group of mountaineers are killed mysteriously in a remote valley. While investigating, they are attacked by mutant Crawganna who protects the Destron missile base. But, V3 and Riderman fail to stop Marshal Armor from starting the cataclysmic countdown…

Episode 52 - The Last Day Of Destron
The Great Leader initiates "Operation: D", a final, all-out offensive to seize control of Japan. Destron revives Deadman-Bat, Fireball-Walrus and Plantaingan who attack Rider Scouts HQ and kidnap Junko and the Scouts. Meanwhile, Kazami Shiro has discovered Destron's headquarters where dwells the Great Leader, but the mutants bury him in a mound of dampening powder made from special alloys. Even if V3 escapes their trap, Crawganna awaits…