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Kikaida 01

Three years have passed since Kikaida defeated the DARK. The sky fills with thick black smoke. From a dark cloud streaks a bolt of lightning. Up out of the ground comes a dark form--Gill Hakaida, into whose head Professor Gill's brain has been implanted. Explosions follow, each resulting in the appearance of Red Hakaida, Blue Hakaida, and Silver Hakaida. The image of young boy, Akira, appears in the clouds. This is Akira, the object of the Hakaidas' ongoing search. In a Buddhist temple, the eyes of a statue begin to flash. With a bang, the statue falls apart to reveal a red and blue robot, Kikaida 01, the older brother of Kikaida. Kikaida 01 rides out in his Double Machine, to protect Akira and other innocents from the clutches of the Hakaidas.


     Ikeda Shunksuke-Ichiro/Kikaida 01

     Ban Daisuke-Jiro/Kikaida

     Shihomi Etsuko-Mari/Bijinda

Following Kikaida's successful run, the spin-off Kikaida 01 series aired in Japan (1973-1974), and then in Hawaii (1975-1976). The series introduced Kikaida's "older" brother, who wages his own battle with evil, this time against a malevolent outfit named SHADOW. Kikaida 01 takes the human form of Ichiro (played by Ikeda Shunsuke), who has his own calling cards. Ichiro's motorcycle is named Double Machine, and he signals his arrival by playing a trumpet. The series introduced a new constellation of heroes and villains.


Theme Songs 
"Kikaida 01 no Uta"

"01 Rock"