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A classic good-versus-evil tale, the show pits a guitar-playing, denim-clad young biker named Jiro (Ban Daisuke) against the evil DARK, a shadowy criminal organization bent on wreaking havoc upon Japan. Professor Gill (Ando Mitsuo), the mastermind behind all the evil plots, has kidnapped brilliant robotics scientist Dr. Komyoji (Izu Hajime) and forced him to build a battalion of android monsters to serve Gill's malicious ends. The only one who can save Japan from Gill's evil designs is Jiro, himself a Komyoji creation. Jiro, actually the human form of an android, can transform into the mechanized superhero Kikaida.

In tandem, Jiro and Kikaida battle Gill's henchmen—masked androids outfitted in gray jumpsuits and black hightop sneakers led by an android monster—who commit heinous crimes in the name of DARK. Meanwhile, Dr. Komyoji who escaped the clutches of the evil Gill suffers from amnesia and wanders from town to town, even as his children Mitsuko and Masaru desperately search for him. Will Dr. Komoyoji ever come out of his amnesia and will Mitsuko and Masaru ever reunite with their father? Can Jiro and Kikaida save the world from DARK? Can the android Jiro ever become human? Enjoy the story that so many remember from small-kid time to today.


Theme Songs 

"Go Go Kikaida"

"Tatakae! Jinzo Ningen Kikaida!"



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