Kikaida - Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gray Rhino King: Harbinger of Evil
Kikaida battles Gray Rhino King, and when he returns to the lab where Dr. Komyoji and Mitsuko work, Professor Gill sets it ablaze.

Episode 2 - Green Mantis: Bizarre Killing Machine
Kikaida faces Green Mantis, who is planning a killing rampage to discredit Dr. Komyoji.

Episode 3 - Orange Ant's Challenge to the Death
Although hindered by the sound of a Gill's flute, Jiro changes into Kikaida in order to battle Orange Ant.

Episode 4 - Blue Buffalo's Fiendish Trap
Yukiko attempts to sneak away from the Destructoids to visit her daughter, but she is thwarted by Blue Buffalo.

Episode 5 - Yellow Jaguar: Claws of Evil
Prof. Gill uses Yellow Jaguar to assassinate the head of the Green Project, in order to get enough carbon dioxide for his bomb.

Episode 6 - Black Horse: Showdown at DARK Execution Ground
The Destructoids begin to gather up humans to be used by Black Horse, and Mitsuko and Masaru fall into their hands.

Episode 7 - Bull Kong: Malevolent Monster Mayhem
Bull Kong kills a man who has been campaigning against the Destructoids, and Dr. Komyoji is framed.

Episode 8 - Carmine Spider: Menacing Blood-Sucking Laughter
In order to develop his evil apparatus, XR4, Prof. Gill orders Carmine Spider to find a child with Rh negative blood.

Episode 9 - Red Condor: Screech of Death
Red Condor kills everyone in a rural village in order to set up a base on which to conduct experiments on a biological weapon.

Episode 10 - Scorpion Brown: The Ultimate Weapon
Scorpion Brown has stolen a newly developed weapon from the Nakabori Laboratory and DARK plans to mass produce it.

Episode 11 - Gold Wolf: Tormented Howls from Hell
Mitsuko and Masaru are captured by Gold Wolf and Jiro is seriously injured by him when he tries to save them.

Episode 12 - Silver Cat: Ruthless Sorceress
Professor Gill sends Silver Cat in search of some ancient treasures that hold the secret to increasing the capabilities of the androids.

Episode 13 - Pink Tiger: Terror at the Amusement Park
Prof. Gill orders Pink Tiger to find the secret robot part that Dr. Komyoji has hidden away.

Episode 14 - Silver Tortoise: Destructoids Reborn
Prof. Gill recreates the 13 Destructoids defeated by Kikaida, and gives them three times their original power in order to test them against Silver Tortoise.

Episode 15 - Golden Bat: Cursed Shadow From the Past
Golden Bat approaches Mitsuko and Masaru in the form of Taro, their older brother, who was supposedly killed by DARK.

Episode 16 - Rouge Jellyfish: Invitation to the River Styx
Destructoid Rouge Jellyfish is conducting experiments with poisonous mini-jellyfish in a polluted river.

Episode 17 - Red Hornet: Hostage Terror
Under orders from DARK, Red Hornet begins spraying toxic gasses aimed at destroying the environment.

Episode 18 - Black Chameleon: The Grand Heist
Black Chameleon manages to hijack a load of atomic uratonium. Pursued by Jiro, he takes Mitsuko and Masaru hostage.

Episode 19 - King Crab Maroon: Keeper of the Death Ray
King Crab Maroon steals a 50-carat emerald ring which he needs to complete his new weapon.

Episode 20 - Blue Water Scorpion: The Skull Weed Conspiracy
Blue Water Scorpion adds a toxic substance to the drinking water, in order to turn the people into puppets of DARK.

Episode 21 - Purple Rat: Brutal Fangs of Poison
Purple Rat steals into a laboratory dedicated to communicable diseases in order to create a new DARK plague.

Episode 22 - White Saw Shark: Twelve-Hour Nightmare
White Saw Shark takes over an apartment complex and sets up a laser gun. Prof. Gill's plan is to shoot down a plane filled with special fuel into a densely populated area.

Episode 23 - Yellow Antlion Brothers: Alphabet Attack
The Yellow Antlion Brothers create the "Alphabet Attack" strategy in order to stop the wedding of a robotics scientist.

Episode 24 - Pink Armadillo: Sinister Temptress
Pink Armadillo transforms itself into a voluptuous woman to entice men and implant control devices in their brains.

Episode 25 - Orange Snail: Whistle of Death
Convinced by Prof. Gill that Kikaida has killed his children, Dr. Komyoji creates Orange Snail to avenge their deaths.

Episode 26 - Green Mammoth: The Next Ice Age Project
Kikaida saves Dr. Komyoji from Green Mammoth, but Mariko is kidnapped, and Kikaida gets sprayed with an oxidizing agent.

Episode 27 - Violet Turbo: Sinister Love
Dr. Araki, who has perfected the conscience circuit, is attacked by Violet Turbo. Jiro tries to save him, but is thwarted by Prof. Gill.

Episode 28 - Red Devil Stinger: Making Little Boys Cry
Kikaida saves Masaru from Red Devil Stinger, but gets infected by a corrosive bacteria.

Episode 29 - Green Sponge: Third Self-Resurrection
Masaru is saved by a named Kaori as he is being pursued by Green Sponge. Kaori believes Masaru is a runaway, and declares she'll run away too.

Episode 30 - Crimson Squid: Stalker of Pretty Coeds
Crimson Squid pursues brilliant young robotics expert named Shimamura Chidori. He intends to implant her brain in his own body.

Episode 31 - Golden Octopus: Prelude to Jiro's Demise
Prof. Gill orders Golden Octopus to hasten the construction of their secret base. Kikaida tries to save a father and daughter from DARK henchmen.

Episode 32 - Blue Electric Eel: Accordion Arm Agony
Kikaida, who has lost an arm, battles with Blue Electric Eel, and finally manages to tear an arm off the destructoid.

Episode 33 - Mask Crab Red: Enforcer of the DARK Code
Mask Crab Red tries to kill Mitsuko, but he is thwarted by King Crab Maroon, who had been saved by her earlier.

Episode 34 - Black Spiny Anteater: Destructoid with Child
Prof. Gill sends Black Spiny Anteater and his daughter, Tiny Spiny, to retrieve some sensitive microfilm from a widow of a victim of DARK.

Episode 35 - Black Crow: The End of "The End"
Dr. Komyoji is attacked by a flock of robot crows as he works in a field. Jiro tries to help him, but is thwarted by Black Crow.

Episode 36 - Jiro Attacks Dr. Komyoji
Blue Stag Beetle robs bank after bank in an effort to raise funds for the development of DARK's greatest Destructoid.

Episode 37 - Hakaida: Jiro's Formidable Younger Brother
Jiro manages to save a little girl from Starfish Purple. Meanwhile, DARK forces Dr. Komyoji to create the evil warrior, Hakaida.

Episode 38 - Hakaida: Kikaida Killer
Jiro escapes from prison but is attacked by Hakaida. Jiro is overpowered, but Hakaida is unable to destroy him.

Episode 39 - Kikaida: Wanted Dead or Alive
Angler Brown has plans to brainwash children and turn them into warriors. Kikaida saves the kids but slips away quickly to avoid the police.

Episode 40 - Crisis! Jiro Stops Functioning
Grasshopper Gray builds an antenna that amplifies sound 3000 times. Masaru saves a young boy who is being attacked by Grasshopper Gray.

Episode 41 - Jiro Blows Apart!
Mitsuko and Masaru are lured to the DARK base. Jiro stops them and proceeds alone, but he's bushwacked by Red Mine Toad. He changes into Kikaida, but gets blown to pieces.

Episode 42 - Hakaida Rebels
Hanpei brings Kikaida to Mitsuko in pieces. Hakaida destroys Red Mine Toad who had downed his arch rival Kikaida. Then, Hakaida is defeated by Skeleton Flying Squirrel.

Episode 43 - Jiro's End or Dark's Demise?! - Final Episode
Mitsuko succeeds in surgically returning the brain in Hakaida's head to her father, but Dr. Komyoji doesn't regain conciousness until...


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