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Kikaider Reboot - the movie

Commissioned by the Japanese government, brilliant roboticist Dr. Komyoji (Kazushige Nagashima) creates Jiro (Jingi Irie), a prototype android, to peacefully assist humans. However, rival scientist Prof. Gill (Shingo Tsurumi) has other, darker plans.  Mitsuko (Aimi Satsukawa) and Masaru (Yuto Ikeda), Komyoji’s children, become targets after his unexpected death, prompting a super android with a humanistic soul, Kikaider, to come to their aid. In order to rule over a world of ruin and chaos, Prof. Gill creates his ultimate vision, Hakaider, a powerful cyborg programmed to destroy Kikaider. Add to the mix an obsessed politician and Mari, (Maryjun Takahashi) a flawless female android also tasked with eliminating the imperfect Jiro, and you’ve got the makings of an epic action thriller!

Veteran actor Ban Daisuke appears in Kikaider Reboot as Maeno Kyujiro, a colleague of Dr. Komyoji. Ban starred as the original Jiro/Kikaida in the 1970s TV series Jinzo Ningen Kikaida.


KIKAIDER Film Partners presents
A Film by Ten Shimoyama
“KIKAIDER The Ultimate Human Robot”