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What people are saying...

"I lived in Hawaii from 1971-76 as a child and was crazy for Kikaida. I was so happy to find this DVD. Now, my kids will enjoy Kikaida too! Thanks!"
- Kevin Bankston. Orange Park, FL

This is a classic Tokusatsu series that deserves to be watched by everyone interested in this fun genre of television.
- Joseph Luster

Love tokusatsu? Then you need to get this DVD for your collection, simple as that. If you never seen golden age Japanese heroes then this might be the perfect entry series for you.
- Jeffrey Couto

Kikaida was obviously a very low-budget show, but this just adds to its charm. It’s bright and colorful, with a delightful 1970’s ambiance. When a show is this cool and this much fun, it really doesn’t matter that that the special effects are cut-rate and the seams on the monster costumes are obvious. 
- Zillamon51