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Kikaida DVD Volume 7

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Here's a fantastic clip highlighting Jiro and Mitsuko's relationship. After she repairs his damaged arm, Mitsuko gives Jiro a special amulet.

Notice the beautiful scenery and cinematography.
(Kikaida DVD Vol. 7, Episode 32, Blue Electric Eel)




The Kikaida DVD, Volume 7 features Episodes 31-35 of the classic 1970s superhero TV series!

The saga continues as Kikaida takes on the next wave of DARK Destructoid monsters: Gold Octopus, Blue Electric Eel, Mask Crab Red, Black Spiny Anteater, and Black Crow.

Volume 7 includes all-new special features:

  • An all-new exclusive interview with the original Jiro, actor Ban Daisuke!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Kikaida Factoids, Episodes 21-through-30.

Holdover special features include:

  • Cast and Crew profiles
  • DARK Destructoid monster profiles with sound
  • KIKU-TV on-air promo
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound
  • English and Japanese menus
  • English subtitles (with expletives-deleted option)

Much like some sick side-effect of Professor Gil's nefarious flute, Shotaro Ishinomori's blue and red wonder has had me under a spell from the beginning.

 - Joseph Luster - www.kfccinema.com

KIKAIDA DVDs are Region Code 1 
Japanese with English subtitles

Feature running time: 2 hours 5 minutes



JN Productions, Inc. 
Starring Ban Daisuke
Based on the Original Story by Ishinomori Shotaro
Music by Watanabe Chumei
All Rights Reserved
©1973 Ishimori Production Inc. and TOEI COMPANY, LTD.